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Who We Are

We are a group of obsessed logistics fanatics passionate about creating the ultimate experience for truck drivers.

We got in this space through personal channels. I, Anthony Petitte, and my Co-Founder, Joshua Walls got into this space because of our family members that drove and currently drive class 8 trucks. Both family members have expressed to us the difficulties of finding safe parking, living a healthy lifestyle and working with a company/service that listens.

  • We are here to listen.
  • Make necessary changes based solely on driver feedback.
  • Deliver the best experience at a low cost.
  • Offer drivers safe and secure parking nationwide.
  • Awesome perks at named brands.
  • A proprietary system to track transactional point-data.

Complimentary for Carriers!

We offer secure parking locations all over the US for truck drivers. Carriers who use our lifestyle card enjoy discounts on parking, on-demand fuel delivery and healthier options for their entire fleet.

Our fleets are as invested as we are in this concept, continually giving us valuable input to improve the experience. Join fleets across the country now and enjoy the benefits you deserve!

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Nothing bothers us more than spending money on added benefits that bring no benefit! We have been in business for 20 years and only two fuel program that worked for us. Until we were referred to TP Express. We already saw the benefit at TruckPark, their cards are a no-brainer.

Bedlam Trucking Inc.

Bedlam Trucking Inc.

February 3, 2021

My husband and I are an OTR driver team. We haul high commodity loads across the country in our rig. For the past decade we have been stopping at Fuel Stations across the Southeast but with no relationship to any. When we heard about the lifestyle card, we were so excited. Trust us, still excited!

Lola Logistics LLC

Lola Logistics LLC

January 26 2021

We love the TruckPark Express Card. Though we are a small group of owner operators, it helps us secure safe parking within major freight hubs and we get fuel delivered to us everywhere! Highly recommend the card and service to everyone!

Time Freight LLC

Time Freight LLC

January 5, 2021

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Download our app on iOS and Android for Free! Once you create a profile, you will have access to all of our secure locations and more. You can use your lifestyle card to make your reservation and get parking discounts in real-time.